Reimagining New York Architectural Landmarks

Designers who can’t help but want to hypothetically redesign everything they see may enjoy these conceptual renderings from architecture firm Hollwich Kushner. Entitled “New(er) York,” it’s billed as a “research project” that “applies contemporary construction techniques and design methodologies to timeless Art Deco landmarks,” essentially refashioning them as if they were being built in the 21st Century.

The aesthetic merit of this work, of course, is dependent on your personal taste. The rendering above is the firm’s take on the 1931 Art Deco classic One Wall Street which in real life looks like this:

This diagram and the reference below show the scope of the project.

So, you know, you decide the hits and misses.

Here’s a rendering of 214 West 29th St., a less well heralded building in what was once Manhattan’s “fur district,” but appreciated nevertheless for its exquisite details.

And here’s The Eldorado building, which is a distinctive part of the skyline along Central Park West.

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