Wireframe S3E1: COVID-19, Social Unrest and Design

Wireframe Season 3 Episode 1

Here’s the first of six episodes in our third season of “Wireframe,” the podcast about the stories behind product and UX design, hosted by yours truly. You can listen below, in your favorite podcast player, or subscribe at adobe.ly/wireframe.

This episode is a little different than all the rest. Rather than digging into specific design stories like the UX of dating apps, why digital products all look the same or the design of your electronic health records, we took a look at the practice of design itself—and at how recent events like the global pandemic and the seismic shift in public opinion on police brutality are impacting the way designers do their work.

We’ve got some amazing guests weighing in on this topic, too, including: Erika Hall of Mule Design, Deroy Peraza of Hyperakt, and designers Doug Collins, Sarah Foster, Kevin Twohy, Paola Mednoza-Yu and Jessica Gaddis.

This season also marks the debut of our new collaboration with the amazing team at Pacific Content. They bring the editorial and production firepower that make each episode’s reporting, research, interviews, storytelling and sound production so uniformly excellent. Every episode is a massive undertaking for the producers at Pacific and I’m so lucky to be working with such an amazing group of people.

And as a special bonus, you’ll notice new, bespoke show artwork for each episode, courtesy of the amazing Łódź, Poland-based illustrator Klawe Rzeczy.

You can find Wireframe at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PocketCasts, Castro or wherever you download your favorite shows, and you can listen to previous episodes and find out much more at adobe.ly/wireframe. Next episode in two weeks!