New York Design and Me on Television

Behind the Scenes on the “New York by Design” TV Show

Two things that you don’t normally see on television very often are now on television: design and yours truly. The new series “New York by Design” (which follows last summer’s “California by Design”) is five episodes of stories about all kinds of design innovation: architecture, industrial design, consumer products, electronics, software and UX, and more. As it happens, I appear on the show as a presenter and a judge (Adobe is a series partner), along with some terrific company including Debbie Millman, Stefan Sagmeister, Tucker Viemeister and many more.

The show airs Saturday evenings on CBS Channel 2 New York and the full season will stream on Amazon Prime next February. You can actually see the first two episodes embedded below. In episode one, I talk with designer David Benjamin about Mycelium bricks, an organic building material made out of what would otherwise be discarded compost material. And in the second episode I pay a visit to Zimmerman Workshop founders Adam and Sofia Zimmerman, who designed a one-of-a-kind staircase that’s part architecture and part art installation. (The behind-the-scenes photo above is taken at the top of that staircase.) For more information about the series, and to watch future episodes posted after their original air dates, visit