Wireframe S4E2: Peloton, Tonal, Mirror and the UX of Connected Fitness

Wireframe S4E2 Episode Art

Here’s the second episode in our fourth season of “Wireframe.” This one is all about the user experience design of connected fitness devices like Peloton bikes, Tonal home gyms and Mirror, uh, mirrors. We talk to super smart folks on this subject like Jennifer Clinehens, a customer experience strategist who has written incisively about the intersection of UX, behavioral science and Peloton bikes and Kevin Twohy, designer for Mirror. You can listen below or find it in your favorite podcast player right now.

We’ve also got a couple of designers as guests who have contrasting takes on connected fitness: Ariel Norling is all in on it, and Gene Lu prefers running in the great outdoors, where he makes art from his routes using a GPS.

On that last point, you may be thinking to yourself, “With all of this leading edge technology that’s transforming the way people exercise at home, is there a turkey involved in some way, shape or fashion?” The answer, found on Gene’s Instagram, is yes, yes there is:

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