Publishing and Procastination

Back in October, I had a brainstorm to create a Web log sort of venue for my ramblings, which I called List(n). Er, well, it wasn’t a brainstorm that lasted all that long, but the idea was to structure a forum that would allow me to post concise, simple ideas at brief intervals, without developing elaborate essays and presentations for them.Ironically, List(n) was a reaction to some shortcomings that I encountered as I developed my Journal. That too was supposed to be a speed-to-publish kind of forum, but its scope quickly outgrew what I had anticipated. It’s actually been a few months since I’ve updated the Journal, and part of the reason is that the amount of effort involved in each new entry is not insignificant.

So with this log, I’ve got a grand total of three outlets for my writing — though my output is barely consistent enough to warrant one. From these, List(n) seems most clearly superfluous, as Blogger will likely enable me to achieve the same goals. So I’ll discontinue that and pursue this log for a while, posting bits and rants whenever I can, and see how it works out. As for the Journal, well, I kind of like where it’s going, though I’m kind of embarassed by how slack I’ve been with it for the past few months. But a new entry to that will come too.