Crossing over to X

AppleleMore Mac stuff. Over the holidays I took a day out to reformat and partition my PowerBook G4 and installed Mac OS X 10.1. I had a good time playing around with the Aqua interface, and steeping myself in the Mac OS X user community’s hubs and blogs, but that’s about as far as it’s come. 10.1 may be an improvement over 10.0, but it’s still not quite ready for prime time. There are too many missing applications, utilities and feature gaps. When I tried to play a DVD on my television via an S-video cable, for example, Mac OS X refused.Right now what it has to offer just isn’t compelling enough for me to boot it up very often, though I’m trying to remain optimistic about it. The foundation is quite impressive, and with some polishing it could be a first rate OS experience. But what’s most disappointing is that after all this time, Mac fans still have to wait even longer for a servicable, fully functional, modern operating system.