Word to the Weiserman

Buddy WeisermanIt’s hot enough to fry an egg in New York, and therefore hot enough to fry a dog’s brain. It’s so hot it’s got to be unhealthy.Anyway, I’m staying indoors, staying cool, and reading crap like the hilarious adventure of Buddy Weiserman and the Gold Treasure of Sierra Leone. The name Buddy Weiserman, a riff on ‘Budweiser,’ is a prankster’s invention, and this site details Buddy’s hilarious email exchanges with a so-called prince that claims to have a stash of gold to unload at below-market prices. It’s a classic Nigerian 419 crime, and you may have received spam along these lines yourself, which makes it funnier to see someone turn the tables on the con artists. [Human error screwed up this post, which was supposed to have appeared on Wed 03 Jul, so I’m appending it here.]