030218_snow_dog.gif Yesterday I meant to write a little something about the record-breaking snowstorm that dumped about two feet of powder on New York City. Before I did that though, I had to get that Google-Blogger merger blogged for the sake of timeliness, and after that the day ran away with me.Seeing how I was more or less snow-bound and it was President’s Day, I decided to just enjoy it as a holiday, fiddling with my computer a bit, trying to fine tune this Movable Type blog, figuring out just exactly how a favicon is made, catching up on some reading…

Not all of it was spent indoors though; my dog, Mister President, has always enjoyed the snow but I discovered he clearly adores a blizzard. Getting suited up for two feet of snow is a chore, especially if you have to do it each time the dog wants to go back outside to frolic. Despite the inconvenience, watching him relish the fresh, white powder made the hassle seem worth it. It was a hoot to see how the snow puts a bounce in his walk, or to watch him try to keep his head above deep snow drifts as he ran — at times he looked like some kind of a goofy land dolphin. A blizzard can double a puppy’s puppyishness.

What’s more it got me out of the house when I might otherwise have spent the whole day indoors, whiling away my hours comfortably in front of my laptop. I got to go out and see just how beautiful freshly fallen snow can be, especially when it quiets the city, stills the traffic and before it all turns to polluted slush.