Wounded Walking

While at the dog park this weekend, I took a bad spill on the unkind accumulation of ice and slush lingering from last week’s blizzard, and did something nasty to my ankle. Now, my walk has taken on a charming, hobbling quality and I can barely get from one end of the apartment to the other, much less across town to the office. Luckily the local kennel has a pick-up and drop off service, and Mister President goes wild for the place. In the meantime, I’ve spent most of the past two days re-watching DVDs (with a limp, I can’t even get to the video store to rent new flicks) ordering in food and browsing the Web.Here’s a brief round-up of the way I spent the weekend:

  • A Hard Day’s Night” is still a brilliant film, but the DVD’s second disc, which features interviews with virtually every extra and bit-player in the movie, is pure nonsense. The general public may never get tired of consuming Beatles memorabilia, but I’ve officially had my fill.
  • It’s nothing radical to say that “This Is Spinal Tap” is still an uproariously funny movie, but it’s true.
  • I still say that “Mission: Impossible 2” is a drastically underrated film.
  • The new “Dragnet” demonstrates that Dick Wolf has an amazing ability to sell the exact same idea again and again, barely disguised, under many different names. Okay, well, sometimes the names aren’t all that different.
  • The Movable Type Support Forum is probably the most helpful bulletin board I’ve ever used. While customizing my MT blog, I’ve been able to answer virtually all of my ‘How do I…’ questions by searching through past postings. And the questions I couldnt’t find answers to were quickly answered by other forum members. Movable Type is the shit.
  • “Combining a retro look with the rugged quality and high-performance of today’s CD-R technology, Verbatim introduces Digital Vinyl CD-R, a recordable disc designed after the popular and groovy 45-rpm record format.”