Getting Closer

The act of porting over to Movable Type has taken several weeks now, but every day I get a little closer to getting the job done. Recently, my attention has been devoted to bringing all of my old Blogger entries over to this new system. The first two months’ worth — Dec 2000 and Jan 2001 — are available now, and the rest are coming real soon now.To do this, I’ve had to pore over all my old posts and scrub the formatting so that it’s in a Movable Type-ready format. Technically I shouldn’t have had to take this highly manual approach, but for some reason my Blogger account is completely messed up and won’t do what I need it to do in order to easily extract all of that old information. Nevertheless, it’s been an interesting process in that I’ve had opportunity to revisit my early, rather naive postings — there is truly a style of neophyte Web log writing and I was guilty of it. I’ve also been forced to see for myself how many dead links are scattered throughout those archives — I’m also guilty of having linked to time-limited articles from the New York Times too often.

The process is ongoing, and I hope to have it up within a week or so. Along with the information architectural changes that consolidating two-plus years of posts will demand on the site, I expect to have everything finished by the end of the month. I hope.