Winning Isn’t Everything

The SXSW Web Awards winners were announced last night, and Gain 2.0, which Behavior designed for the American Institute of Graphic Arts, was a finalist in the ‘Content/E-zine’ category. Unfortunately we were beat out by Polar Interia. Not to sound like a sore loser, but that site is not only barely legible (even to my design-friendly eyeballs) it also crashes Safari repeatedly. Hmpf.Coinciding with the SXSW festival was the Third Annual Bloggies, which for the first time had its own ceremony, also held at SXSW. There are thirty categories in this competition, from ‘Best Asian Weblog’ to ‘Best Merchandise of a Weblog,’ so the organizers apparently strove for comprehensiveness.

Singling out weblogs is tricky business because the medium by nature is meant to appeal to narrow tastes. All the same, there are some intriguing finalists here, and if nothing else the results page makes for a great afternoon of surfing.