I’d Like to Thank the Academy

Five random notes on the occasion of the 75th Academy Awards: 1. I saw “Far from Heaven” earlier today and while it was excellently made, there was almost nothing surprising about it. What’s more, Julianne Moore, while talented and beautiful, has a zillion teeth. 2. On the way back from a short vacation in Miami at New Year’s, I sat next to Adrien Brody on the plane. I remember thinking, “When’s his career going to go somewhere?” 3. What, exactly, is the point of the Best Animated Feature category if its only purpose is to honor these kinds of nominees? They may as well add a category for ‘Best Instructional Workplace Video.’ 4. “Adaptation” should have been nominated and chosen Best Picture. 5. I still hate the Academy Awards.


One Comment

  1. I totally agree with your last comment: “5. I still hate the Academy Awards.”. I stumbled across Entertainment Tonight’s coverage last night (part of my one hour of TV a week), and felt totally repelled by the lack of substance from anything associated with the event. Not to mention the self-indulgent drama of what the stars and the show’s host are thinking about the Iraq conflict. Give me a “F”ing break! As if I really care or respect anything most of these stars think and say. =:o

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