About This Macintosh

Not only has the advent of Mac OS X brought about some of the best software development in years, but it’s also inspired some of the best tech writing about the platform since its heyday in the late Eighties. To begin with, Mac OS X’s Unix foundation has made the folks over at O’Reilly stand up and take notice, and their MacDevCenter is a rich technical resource. Over at Ars Technica, John Siracusa has been plugging away with a series of thorough and very engaging articles about Mac OS X since its developer previews way back in 1999. These are easily among some of the smartest critical assessments of the platform’s progress out there, and his latest, a powerful discussion of what’s wrong with the Finder, is no exception. I’ve also recently come across Daring Fireball, which bills itself as a source for “Mac punditry and crumudgeonry.” Its author, John Gruber, offers smart, lengthy and very detailed rants on everything Mac-related. I was particularly impressed by his thoughts on anti-aliasing in Safari.