The Case of the Missing Case

iPodThe 20 Gigabyte iPod that I got as a holiday gift in December broke about two weeks ago when I yanked on the earphone cord just a bit too hard and the audio jack molding cracked and chipped. It was still possible to get clear sound from the jack, but the remote control, which also plugs into the same port, only functioned intermittently. When I returned it to Apple for repair, they were kind of enough to replace the entire unit with a new one. The replacement just arrived this morning.Having a brand new iPod gives me an opportunity to start over with a pristine unit and take care of it the correct way: by laying down thirty dollars to buy a real case for it. With my first unit, I had thought that I could get away with using the black nylon case that Apple provided in the box, but within a few weeks the display screen and the back of the unit were both scuffed up somethin’ ugly. Let this be a warning to new iPod owners!

So this afternoon I walked out to Tekserve, which is happily only a few blocks from the Behavior office, and bought myself an iSee. Yes, it’s a very corny name, but the case is elegant, sturdy and cleverly designed. It’s a hard, clear plastic shell that covers the entire unit, save for the ports at the top and the touch wheel control on the front. There’s even a detachable little pod, if you will, to store your headphones too. Now I can drop and kick around my iPod all I want!