Take Note

The NoteUnexpectedly, one of the sharpest sources for political commentary on the Web is The Note, from the ABC News ‘Political Unit.’ Written with a tart, often gossipy insider’s tone, this daily journal is a heady fix for hardcore political junkies and those who, like myself, are merely enticed and not quite yet enraptured by politics. A friend turned me on to this several weeks ago, and I was at first overwhelmed by its loquacious onslaught of links, commentary, analysis and rumors, all of which revolve mostly around the 2004 Presidential campaign. Though its length is still daunting (I would say that the page for each day’s Note is as tall as ten or fifteen screens), I find myself eagerly reading as much as I can of it each morning. That’s also a sign that I’m starting to get worked up for next year’s Presidential race.


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