Weekend Worrier

The number one thing I will be doing this weekend is worrying about the impending vote at the FCC on relaxing the rules of media ownership. Most people who know me will readily agree that I am starting to harp on this subject, but it pains me greatly. The vote takes place on Monday, but the attendant media coverage is so wildly disproportionate to the vote’s significance to the health of American democracy for the next generation (which is to say there’s very little coverage ) that it’s all I can do to just complain aloud about it.

Actually, it brightened my day a little today to see Ted Turner come out publicly against relaxing these rules, even though he is a major shareholder in and board member of AOL Time Warner, a company that will clearly benefit greatly from these proposed changes. But I still dread Monday afternoon and the almost assured kick in the groin of free speech that the results of this vote will bring. Have a nice weekend!