The Day the Music Died

FCC Chairman Michael Powell and his two Republican cohorts sent a powerful message today to companies that already control much of America’s television networks, newspapers, radio stations, and cable television systems: ‘No more will we coddle you in your duties in upholding the First Amendment. From now on, media companies had better grow up and learn how to promote the values of free speech and democracy all on your own.’ At first shocked by the sudden turn of events, the media companies are expected to rise to this great patriotic challenge by further consolidating the principle venues for broadcasting, publishing, communication and discourse. It’s a great day for this great country. Ugh.


One Comment

  1. i feel you man. at first when you wrote about this stuff i tuned out. i thought FCC, huh?… is that Alan Greenspan’s thing?
    but i’ve watched some of the tv news coverage today and now realize what’s going on is pretty scary. 1984, man..

    maybe you should go into politics and fight for us everyday people, dude.

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