The ‘i’ Is for Indie

It’s a relief to me that earlier this week Apple finally gave a presentation to independent music labels on the subject of getting their music into the iTunes Music Store. As these first-person notes on the meeting suggest, the company is serious about diversifying the content for sale via their breakthrough foray into music retailing. That’s great news, because as I mentioned when the store debuted, its offering of actually interesting music leaves much to be desired. If enough indie labels come aboard — and all signs indicate that they’re champing at the bit to do so — it will exponentially improve the value of the iMS, at least to my mind.


One Comment

  1. I agree. I was on my friend’s powerbook taking a look around and getting a feel for the iMS, and while I like it, I thought it felt a little nostalgic, as if I would only download older albums from my youth, as opposed to anything of a newer nature. Of course, I don’t listen to much mainstream music. Bringing indie labels on board is almost a no-brainer given Apple’s own sort of indie cult status with Apple users leaning towards creative types and thus makes all the more sense.

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