Building Good Credit

Chase Credit CardsVery early this morning, at about 03:00a, a year and a half of Behavior labor finally bore fruit at Chase Credit Cards. We’ve been working on the redesign of this Web site since late 2001 — in fact, it was one of the marquee projects that got us going straight out of the gate when we opened up shop late that year — so we’re very, very happy to finally see it launched. If you’ve got a Chase credit card (and research shows that many of you do!), you can start using the site and all its cool tools immediately; if you don’t have a Chase credit card, the site makes it dead simple to choose and apply for the perfect one for you.

One of the most gratifying things about launching a major Web site in June of 2003 is actually launching a major Web site. The scale and complexity of Chase Credit Cards is almost a throwback to the days of the dot-com boom, except that, all modesty aside, together Chase and Behavior executed it with far more efficiency and far less overhead than we’d have done it in 1999.

We had some major challenges here, not least of which was to create an information architecture and a look and feel that would complement the existing style — while also answering the unique needs of the Cardmember Services division. I won’t get too much into the mode of marketing our services here, but suffice it to say that we’re all very proud of the final solution.

To be fair, I pretty much sat on the sidelines during this project, focusing on other clients while three of my partners dedicated countless late nights and weekends to making this a reality. So I should say that I’m proud of them. So, thanks to Mimi, Ralph, Jeff and the entire CCS team, and thanks to Chase, too, for being so kind to us over the past eighteen months or so.



  1. holy..! you guys did work for Chase?
    you must be rolling in it..i’ve gotta come round more often so you guys can take me to lunch on your fat expense accounts..

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