The Eyes Have It

What little I know of the Off-Broadway production “Staring out the Window” is derived entirely from my own experience with it this very evening: my girlfriend reminded me that I had agreed to go see this double-feature theatrical event with her and some friends; I showed up at the Red Room, a little-known theater stowed away one flight above the semi-famous KGB in the East Village; I watched, first, a production of Don Nigro’s “Specter” and, immediately afterwards, Jhon Doria’s “Eye Can’t See You,” both one-act plays united by the fact that their principal players spend much of their time on stage staring straight ahead. I really, really enjoyed “Specter,” a funny and unexpectedly frightening conversation between two strangers in a car. Apparently, I’m in good company: a Google search reveals that it’s been produced many times by small theaters around the country. It was a fun night; I need to get out and see more theater.