All Wedded Out

Yesterday was a beautiful day for my friends Nam and Shirley to get married — they were blessed with uncommonly temperate, sunny July weather, and an allaying series of breezes rolled in off the Hudson River and over the deck at Battery Park’s American Park restaurant, where both the ceremony and reception were held. The wedding was kind of a reunion of lots of people that Nam and I used to work with, which made it a lot of fun for me. As a groomsman, my duties included carrying a thick envelope of cash and checks to pay off the various musicians, photographers, videographers and lighting technicians, and also standing around with a big smile on my face while outfitted in a tuxedo — I have a distaste for the pilled blended fabric and ill-fitted tailoring of rented formal wear, but the whole affair was more than enjoyable enough so that I was hardly ever reminded how awkward and unpleasant my senior prom was.

That was yesterday. Today, Monday, was a bad day to go back to work — everyone at Behavior went to the wedding and so just about everyone strolled into our offices late and/or hung over. I drank hardly any alcohol — I hardly ever do anymore — but I need another day to recover, and a long, long time before I ever get married myself.


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