I Knew Him When

Curb Your EnthusiasmAmong the nominees announced yesterday for the 55th Annual Emmy Awards was Jonathan Corn for “Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series.“ Specifically, the nomination singles out his work on the semi-infamous “Krazee Eyez Killa” episode of Larry David’s painfully hilarious HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” It was a brilliant episode, but the real reason I’m posting this here is that I’ve known Jonathan since the 8th grade, when we attended, first, junior high and, later on, high school together. I also saw him off with a books-on-tape copy of O.J. Simpson’s “I Want to Tell You” when he packed up his bags, left behind the East Coast and headed off to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune. Congratulations, Mr. Corn!



  1. Dear Khoi,
    We knew you when!!! I am still saving some of your art work that Jonathan kept from your high school days. I have no doubt it will allow us to retire in style.
    Sylvia Corn

  2. I also knew you when! And yes, I have saved some of your early artwork at my parents house (same locale) from the famous Opher series. It may or may not be worth much but it always cracks me up when I go back home and read it. I did a random search on our semi-famous friend – and it took me here. A wise man once told me that the shortest distance between 2 points was a straight line. I hope you are well.

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