Remote Control

TimbuktuMy cold’s worse today than it was yesterday, so I am laid up in bed over at my girlfriend’s where the level of care and babying is at least several notches higher than back at my lonely little pad. Aside from napping and consuming lots of fluids, I’m spending a lot of time on my PowerBook using remote access software. First, Microsoft’s very clever Remote Desktop Client for Macintosh allows me to access my Windows PC at Behavior, as if I were sitting right there at the office — a very handy way to work from home.

Below: Timbuktu and iTunes 4 allow me to play my own music library remotely.

Far Away Sounds

Second, now that my girlfriend’s Power Mac G4 is running Mac OS X Jaguar, it’s considerably more useful on the network. This morning I installed a new copy of Timbuktu Pro on it, which gives me access to the G4 in the same manner as Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client. What makes this clever is how I’m using it to play my own music library: with Timbuktu, I’m controlling her copy of iTunes 4, which can in turn access and play music from my hard drive, thanks to Apple’s slick Rendezvous technology. Since her G4 is attached to a great pair of speakers in the living room, I can hear my music in much better quality and control it entirely from the bedroom… where I’m supposed to be busy working on a full recovery from this cold.



  1. I think this is what I’m trying to do, but let me get something strait first. You are playing music on a remote machine and controlling that machine from a laptop in bed Yes? My problem is that when I access my desktop computer (say from the back porch on my laptop) and try to play music on it, I end up getting the music from the laptop speakers in front of me. It won’t let me play music through my stereo on the desktop unless I am physically at the desktop. Is htere a setting that I am missing, or have I misunderstood you post?

    P4 2.53 running XP pro WMP, TCMP (Core Media)

    Same problem with movies through my TV. Control has to come from the desktop and not a remote connection.



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