Assemble the Deaniacs

Dean in New YorkThis morning at about t 11:00a, the Dean fundraising monitor sat at about US$750,000, which left me a little skeptical that it would actually reach the one million dollar target. But here at 05:30p, the total is a robust US$919,482.38. It looks like the goal is well within reach and I’m feeling pretty enthusiastic about the whole enterprise, though the nagging skeptic in me wonders whether I’ve set myself up to be ultimately disappointed by Dean’s evolving platform. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess. For the time being, I’m more or less easing into a commitment to this candidate.

If you’re in the New York metro area and you have even a passing interest in this man’s prospects for winning the 2004 election (and especially if you have an interest in ensuring that George W. Bush does not win another four years in office) then you should come to Bryant Park this evening at 08:00p. That’s where the Dean campaign will be holding the raucous culmination to its “Sleepless Summer Tour.&#8221 It’s going to be a full-scale rally with Dean campaign officials, special guest speakers and live music which I’m sure to find completely cheesey. It’s going to be very rock ’n’ roll, or something. The Governor himself is due to make a speech (the event runs from 08-11:00p, but he has a private fundraising event earlier in the evening so I’m willing to bet he won’t take the stage until 11:00p or even later), and that’s what I’m really going for; I’m hoping that Dean in concert is as good as the records.