The Devil’s Advocate

Attorney General John AshcroftThe front page of today’s Washington Post features a lengthy article on “Attorney General John Ashcroft. The article covers an incipient trend among politicians from the center and right of the political spectrum who have recently begun to question the A.G.’s approach to combating terrorism in the post September 11th world: “…[Ashcroft] finds himself at odds with some fellow Republicans from Idaho to Capitol Hill who are troubled by the extent of his anti-terrorism tactics and angered by his unwillingness to compromise.” I won’t hold my breath, but I hold out hope that Mr. Ashcroft will emerge as a major issue running up to the November 2004 elections. In fact, I credit the man for inspiring me to get up out of my seat and resolve to do everything within my power to see George W. Bush unseated; in my estimation, there has been no greater threat to the civil liberties guaranteed under the Bill of Rights for the last thirty years than this failed senator from Missouri.