Wake Up, It’s September

Apparently, this September inherited very little from July and August, and summer has left town. Weekend trips to the beach and vacations in New England are past, and now made to seem too swiftly squandered and insufficiently savored by today’s cold, wet introduction to autumn. When I left my apartment this morning for work, the sky was an underbelly of cloud cover and depressingly gray, and it promised soon there’d be morning commutes with no light at all.

It made me think of kids reluctantly, crankily returning to school for the first time today, and how this cold weather is an unfairly frank harbinger of a long schoolyear. Without a week or more of warm weather in September, to say nothing of an Indian summer, there’s no transition away from the luxury of summer vacation and into the grim schedule of the fall semester. Instead, there’s just a cold, wet abruption. What I mean to say is, today I’m glad I’m not a kid. Tomorrow might be different.