That’s My Bush

D.C. 9/11: Time of CrisisThanks to the handy-dandy new DVR in my cable box, tonight I was able to watch Showtime’s dramatization of the Bush White House in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, “D.C. 9/11: Time of Crisis.” Oh man, this thing was a hoot. I would almost say that it’s a completely worthless, clumsy piece of right wing propaganda, to say nothing of its shallow command of scripting, acting, filmmaking and drama… But there is in fact some inherent value to be found in its jingoistic melodrama, and that is a level of camp not seen since the days when Adam West ran around Southern California in a pair of gray tights.

The script for this historical fiction is loaded with groaners so heavy with histrionics (and pock-marked with innumerable dramatic pauses that never seem to want to end) that the final result is gut-bustingly hilarious. Take, as but one example among dozens and dozens, this line uttered by Bush — who has been wildly reimagined as an heroically intelligent, even-handed and profound statesman — utters to the uncharacteristically reserved and deferential Cheney: “I’m going to need you at my side at all times… consigliere.” Truly, this is the stuff of drunken, riotous midnight movie screenings. Good job, Showtime!



  1. You know what? For the first time, I’ve been denied entry to a website: the Showtime website “is intended for viewing by American audiences only”. How about that? Are Showtime in the State Secrets business these days?

  2. That’s a disturbing bit of censorship, but somehow appropriate too. I would bet that even Showtime understands that a production like “D.C. 9/11” could be nothing more than an embarrassment if available overseas. Maybe some bootlegs will make it abroad eventually. Actually, come to think of it, that would totally embarrass me.

  3. I didn’t watch it, but after reading your critique it sounds more like the film is 120 minutes of subversive left-wing propaganda intended to make Bush look even more ridiculous in your eyes.

    Did the trick, didn’t it?

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