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Adobe Creative Suite

Just a tip of the hat to Adobe for the packaging of their soon-to-be-released Adobe Creative Suite, which bundles and not-so-cleverly rebrands the software giant’s flagship applications by appending a “CS” to each. This new creative strategy finally, finally does away with the cheesey-ass Photoshop eye logo and the Illustrator Venus logo, both long-standing icons that grew tired long ago. These new designs are sophisticated and attractive, and they kinda sorta help Adobe catch up with modern software packaging trends kicked off four or five years ago by Neville Brody for Macromedia. Better late than never.

Adobe Creative Suite Artwork


  1. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I’d say that the redesign is probably the most impressive thing about these upgrades… in some respects, these seem more like .5 releases than full .0 releases.

    But I’m gonna buy them just for the box.

  2. Lovely pics/design, but where’s the functionality?

    How do the designs relate to the products? What does a buttefly(moth?!?!) have to do with design, a feather with image manipulation/photography, flowers with illustration, and whatever those star shaped things are with web design?!?!? What, as a consumer, would draw my eye to the feather when looking for photograph/imaging software?

    I find this stuff to be contrived, too art college(second year at that), and the emporer really isn’t wearing any clothes!!

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