World Won’t Listen…

Not feeling so great today about the following things: The very poor customer service at Circuit City, where my girlfriend and I have been trying to redeem a store credit for weeks without success. The broken CSS support in Microsoft Internet Explorer, which always seems to mangle pixel-perfect layouts that Safari and Mozilla seem to nail without a problem. The unyielding nature of the airline industry, which won’t allow my girlfriend and me to reschedule tickets we booked to Las Vegas in November without onerous penalties. The nagging effects of repetitive strain injury, which comes and goes for me but lately has been more and more persistent. And the fact that the Oakland A’s should have swept the Boston Red Sox on Saturday night, but instead blew their lead in game after game, until this evening’s painful fifth game.


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  1. Ditto on the CSS support. Ditto on the RSI. About a year ago I had problems with RSI/Carpel Tunnel. I originally had wrist problems back when I used to be a drummer most of the time but I haven’t been a proper drummer in a long time. However, then I started working with computers all those years ago. I got an optical mouse for starters, read up on proper seating positioning for long periods of sitting at the desk and tried to isolate my wrist more and more. It worked for the most part, I haven’t had it since that year ago.

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