October Backlog

With this past weekend’s trip to D.C. and the unrelenting workload at Behavior, the past week or so, it’s been hard to catch up on email and to find time to post to Subtraction.com. I’m hopefully going to be able to make some real headway on my to do list this week, but to clear out the backlog a bit here are things with which I’ve been preoccupied.

  • A review of “Kill Bill, Volume 1,” which I saw on Monday evening and have mixed comments on. Hopefully I’ll be able to post that later today or tomorrow.
  • Extensis Portfolio, which I’ve been trying out for a few days, looks like the replacement for the painfully slow iPhoto that I’ve been looking for.
  • Anticipation for Panther, which is going to be released in two days — I’m pretty excited.
  • Watching the World Series, which now almost seems anti-climactic after the epic struggle between the Yankees and the Red Sox in the ALCS.
  • Comments on the Windows version of Apple’s iTunes, which is as excellent a software ‘port’ as I’ve ever seen.
  • Trying to replace all the space-inefficient jewel cases holding my unwieldy collection of compact discs, hopefully with MM Designs’ DiscSox Media Storage — they’re the only commercially available sleeves I’ve found that will hold a CD’s tray card as well as the booklet and the disc itself.
  • World peace and a solution for global hunger.


  1. I am very interested to hear your thoughts on Kill Bill. I won’t pre-empt your comments with mine though. : )

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