Pulp Faction

Relaxed MuscleJarvis Cocker, ex-front man of the destined to be legendary Britpop combo Pulp, is about to release the first full-length CD from his new project, the provocatively named Relaxed Muscle. I had my first sampling today of the song “Be Real,” which is rather shadily offered for download today at Fluxblog. This song is great! It’s like some weird collision of Pulp, “Heroes”-era Bowie and the Fall. It has me totally enthusiastic for an impending album for the first time in a long time. Cocker has always struck me as an oddball genius on the verge of charicaturizing himself into obscurity, so I’m thankful that, in this song at least, he has kept his wits about him and written a truly superb track. You can also catch a video for another of his new tunes at NME.com.



  1. I didn’t really get into pulp until an old roommate of mine played “This is Hardcore” for weeks on end back to bac. I became enamoured with that album and realized that Pulp were pretty good.

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