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There’s nothing particularly sexy about tomorrow’s elections, which will almost certainly guarantee that only a tiny fraction of the electorate will show up at the polls. This may explain, at least in part, why it was so hard to dig up an overview of the referendums on the New York City ballot. After some digging around, I came up with the Gotham Gazette’s overview. The hotbutton issue, of course, is Mayor Bloomberg’s quest to obsolesce partisan primaries — the Democrats are against it, and so is The New York Times.


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  1. Howard Dean has announced that he is a metrosexual.
    According to Joey Bunch of the Denver Post, Dean was speaking to an admiring audience at a breakfast in the liberal paradise of Boulder, Colo. Even so, once he said it he immediately started backtracking, perhaps mindful of the still-substantial number of voters who do not read the New York Times, leading chronicle of metrosexuality.

    “I like Wyclef Jean, and everybody thinks I’m very hip,” Dean allowed, “but I am really a square, as my kids will tell you. I don’t even get to watch television. I’ve heard the term” — metrosexual — “but I don’t know what it means.”

    HA! Yeah right!

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