Weekend Work and a Wedding

The workday on Friday rolled right on into the middle of the night, and then I came back for more on Saturday, not leaving the office until about 10:00p. It was a rough weekend for Behavior, as we were all snowbound by an avalanche of work that had to be done by Saturday night, and it only made it worse that it had to be done while fighting the infuriating user interface of Microsoft PowerPoint. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten angrier at a program than I have at this one, so angry in fact that I began to keep a detailed list of all of my grievances — maybe I—ll clean them up and post them later in the week.

So, for that, it might’ve been a ruined weekend, but there was also something nice that happened on Sunday: our partner and good friend, Christopher Fahey, got married to his girlfriend of twelve years in a beautiful ceremony in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Congratulations, Chris. The reception was a nice excuse for a mini-reunion of all sorts of people I used to work with, and a nice respite from churning out PowerPoint slides. Still, I’m completely spent and I could use another day off.