The Art of Crappy Album Covers

Album CoversSomething about “The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were” really rubs me the wrong way. This project, which challenges “100 established graphic and fine artists” to produce album covers for their favorite musicians is like an exercise in small-mindedness, judging from the artists’ generally bathetic selections and the mostly unassuming — and often ridiculously off-base — designs produced in honor of these musicians. Forgetting for a moment the subjective matter of judging these works, I think what really irks me is the fact that fifty of these designs were shown at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, easily the most ridiculous institution I can think of.



  1. I saw that as well and wasn’t impressed at all, at least from the way they were being billed. IF anything it’s just alternate covers done by different artists, no more, no less.

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