Twelve Inches of Fun

We are under a blizzard of snow here in New York City. It’s not exactly twelve inches, but it’s a more significant amount of snowfall than the mid-Atlantic has become accustomed to getting this early in the season. I, for one, am not particularly excited by the sudden transition to sub-freezing temperatures, slush-filled sidewalks and skin-chapping, chilling winds, but I admit it was a lot of fun watching the dog frolic in the snowdrifts this morning — and yet another reminder of his recent anniversary in our household.

PowerBook G4 12&#34 Large

Yesterday, just as the snow was getting thick and New York began to realize that this storm would bring more than just a dusting, I managed to sneak over to Tekserve to buy myself a brand new Apple PowerBook G4 12". I say “sneak” because that it’s only been a little more than two years since my last laptop purchase, and though I will see a big tax benefit from this acquisition — my financial situation makes this a major impetus in buying hardware before the end of the calendar year — it still makes me feel a little guilty that I had not waited until the three or four year mark to indulge myself again.

That said, I’m sitting here now, cozy and warm inside my apartment, and having a ball getting this thing set up. It’s a dead sexy little machine, sharply designed and compact, like a silvered Mini Cooper. I’m looking forward to being able to tote around this laptop on a more regular basis, without worrying about the back-damage that my 15" Titanium PowerBook always seemed to threaten. I’m sure that, with just a little bit of time, I’ll have left any guilt behind.


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