Kick It

Earlier this evening I went with some friends to see “How to Kick People,” which is perhaps best described as a combination of comedic short story reading and variety show. I say ‘comedic’ rather than ‘comedy’ in an attempt to do justice to the idea that the show is not preoccupied with generating laughs in the style of an out and out comedy revue, and yet it was still remarkably funny.

One of the organizers and performers is my friend Todd Levin, who writes prolifically at his Web site, was/is the brains behind Squat and writes the funniest — or second funniest — emails that manage to get past my spam filters. Tonight’s show also featured Tom Shillue and Von Von Von, each of whom anyone could benefit from seeing at least once. It was also the first performance in a monthly run at the Red Room — go see the next one on the last Wednesday of March.



  1. I saw the link on List. I quite like the site and enjoy Tremble quite a bit. It sounds like good fun. Again, more things in NY that I want to see but can’t.

  2. This is now relevant information to me: I’m in the middle of scraping together $2990 dollars for a whirlwind round-the-world-in-six-major-cities trip in the middle of the year, and NYC is on the list. Hooray!

  3. Thanks for the nice words about the show, Khoi. I think you summed up our intentions very nicely. It’s been a little hard to describe to people because it’s kind of halfway between a comedy show and literary show. We wanted to please both kinds of audiences, I guess.

    You made no mention of how hot and sweaty that theater was. I hope we can remedy that next time, perhaps by kicking out half the audience.

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