Mel Gibson, Christie Brinkley and an Anti-Trust Suit

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Christie Brinkley 1985 Calendar

It occurred to me that there might be at least one or two Web sites dedicated to archiving cheesy swimsuit calendars from years past, but a cursory Google search yielded nothing. Which surprises me, because for nearly every niche field of interest, no matter how fleetingly ephemeral, there seems to be someone on the Web willing to devote an unhealthy number of man hours to it.

Money to My Ears

A few blocks later, I stopped by my post office box, where I was pleasantly surprised to find a check for US$13.86 sent to me by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. This, apparently, is payment for my claim in the Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust anti-trust lawsuit brought against five big name music distributors and three music retailers by the AG. The FAQ explains that, “The Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit alleging that the Defendants conspired to illegally raise the prices of certain prerecorded Music Products by implementing Minimum Advertised Price policies, in violation of state and federal laws.”

Above: Bad hair decade: Someone finally trashed this Christie Brinkley calendar after nearly twenty years. Below: Mel Gibson ain’t no stinkin’ messiah.

In short, the music industry has been caught red-handed fixing prices and violating anti-trust laws. I’m shocked, shocked, I say! Anyway, I’m going to add a dollar and fourteen cents of my own money to this little windfall and head down to Canal Street and use it buy about six bootleg music CDs.

Run of the Mel

On the sidewalk in front of the Flat Iron Building, I came across my weirdest find of the morning: a hand-drawn religious tract titled “Is Mel Gibson to Die For?” There’s an established aesthetic for religious tracts like those from Jack Chick Publishing, and though they may be fascinating examples of pop artistry conscripted for religious ends, I’ve only ever found them to be mildly interesting, at best.

But this one actually had me entirely engaged as it asked how big a fan I am of Mel Gibson, and would I die for him? This is obviously a by-product of the actor/director’s masterfully executed controversy marketing for his film “Passion of the Christ,” so I was sure it was leading to some kind of Christian admonishment or another. What I didn’t expect, though, is that its little narrative — which I read diligently all the way through — lead right into a case for Jews for Jesus and their public and surprisingly slick response to the film. As an exercise in guerrilla marketing, this is one I won’t be able to help but remember for a long time.

Is Mel Gibson to Die For 1
Is Mel Gibson to Die For 1


  1. Just for the record, “Minimum Advertised Price” polices, were not “price-fixing” but were rather, as the name suggests, polices regarding advertising. Despite this, most people remain ignorant regarding what
    this suit was really about. Hint: It wasn’t a victory for the little guy, but the legal battle was won by the lawyers from Wal*Mart and Best Buy. In the end, as usual, the little guy gets screwed. Enjoy your $13, it’s a payoff designed to deflect your attention, and seems to have worked well.

  2. That is the most ingenious piece of guerilla marketing I’ve ever seen, due to it’s brilliant use of tact!

  3. look mel gibson is using the medium of Film as an art form. Art is here for us to get shocked, interpret and react. He wants us to wonder what actually happened and not to just say “okay!” to the disney version, for christs’ sake, a crucifixion is NOT like playing a video game, it was the last event of his life! do you expect it to be clean cut? people die in wars, do you expect no blood? He want us, the public, to ask questions and research and be informed about out religion. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

  4. Well, that’s pretty stupid for someone to destroy a Christie Brinkley calendar!! It is worth a lot of money and the photos are too beautiful to rip. What stupid person did that??!!! Have they not even heard of eBay? Duh!!! And by the way, you guys were all drooling over girls who had hair like that in the 80’s. So to cut it up now makes you just as much a fool!!!

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