The Tangled Web They Weaved

Donald RumsfeldIt just seems to me that a pretty clear case can be made against the credibility of the Bush administration if one just takes a clear, objective look at what they’ve said. The increasingly well-known has demonstrated how powerful this approach can be with this commercial that features Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” trying somewhat lamely to discredit the notion that anyone in the Bush Administration ever used the term “immediate threat” in the run-up to the war in Iraq. For once, CBS avails itself of its responsibilities as broadcasters and as a news organization and calls Rumsfeld on his blatant untruth. The effect is very, very potent.

The shame doesn’t end there; Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) has commissioned a report on all the misleading statements made by the five most prominent war supporters in the Bush Administration, from George W. on down. The results are again incredibly damning, and they are available not only in PDF form, but as a searchable online database, which lets anyone plainly see what specific statements have been made about Saddam Hussein’s danger to the United States. In the end, I just hope the public pays attention to all of this.


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  1. Henry Waxman should extend the investigation to include the Bush Sr and Clinton Administrations. If the current administration is going to be accused of misleading the nation, then the previous two must be included in that charge. Also to be investigated are Hilary Clinton and John Kerry. They had the same intelligence and used the same rhetoric to describe Saddam Hussein and his immediate threat.

    Waxman’s cause is self-serving. If her really wanted to get to the truth, the drop-down “speaker” menu would include many prominent democratic war supporters, including Bill Clinton, Madaline Albright, John Kerry, Al Gore.

    Waxman doesn’t want his public to see the quotes coming from his side of the aisle, but they are on the record and easily quotable.

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