Morning Routines

Here’s how my Web surfing habits have changed: somewhere along the way, I got completely out of the habit of reading the various design Web sites like K10k and Surfstation every morning, possibly because I so often find that their purposely terse and cryptic language leaves me wanting. This is also because I’ve been spending more and more time every morning reading political news, most prominently at ABC News’ excellent The Note, which has just started a new spin-off column that intends to offer the same brand of Beltway insiderism on a ‘real time’ basis. And then there’s the Progress Report from the Center for American Progress, which is exhaustive in compiling cogent cases against the Bush adminstration’s errant policies every morning. And of course there’s all those political blogs, too: Talking Points Memo, Political Animal, Instapundit and Wonkette, and wherever they lead me.