Behaviors to Come

Behaviordesign.comJust so you know, there is in fact a new version of forthcoming. In what little spare time our current workload has allowed, we’ve been tooling away on a redesign that will, hopefully, ease our continued embarrassment over the way the current site looks on its face and the way it’s structured beneath the surface. This new version will be a hundred percent XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant, and I’ve been having fun playing with alternative CSS files for various media.

Earlier in the week, I was able to create a pretty attractively formatted print version of the home page that looks like a document intended to be printed and held in your hands, rather than a facsimile of a screen rendered in approximation on a laser printer. I’m sure there’s a semantic argument to be made against such an exercise when the output looks dramatically different from what’s rendered in the browser, but I like the notion of specifically tailoring content for its intended media.

Unfortunately, this function of CSS has proved somewhat buggy — for some reason, one of the GIFs on the page refuses to print from Safari, and trying to print the home page crashes my installation of Firefox, though no one else’s. If we’re lucky and diligent, there should be a brand new version of the site up by the end of next month. And maybe after that’s done, I’ll get around to redesigning, too.