In Studio Visit

The Daily ShowAs one of my gifts to my girlfriend for her upcoming birthday, I went the extra mile to obtain tickets to today’s taping of “The Daily Show with John Stewart,” of which she is a big fan. In-studio seats are booked solid through the end of this coming summer, but I was lucky enough to grab a pair of canceled reservations last Friday by calling the show’s booking line. Having a reservation still doesn’t guarantee you a seat though, and I had to show up at the theater about ninety minutes ahead of time to wait in line, and even then, we barely made it into the studio made the cut-off at a hundred audience members. It was worth it, though; I saw nothing in the studio that would contest the idea that this is the most consistently funny and certainly the politically sharpest show on television. Still, I was surprised by how small their stage set is.


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  1. Good to know. The last week of February I tried to get tickets for the first week in May, but by then they were booked until July (which means that tickets for May were probably gone before it even crossed my mind to go to New York).

    I’m going to call later this week about any cancelations. I hope I’m as lucky as you.

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