What I Did on My Vacation from Blogging

Wow, what a bust the last week turned out to be, at least for blogging. I took the Amtrak train to Washington, D.C. very early on Monday morning for a meeting with a new client. Even the unreserved coach cars now feature electrical outlets, so I was able to plug in and get some work done on the way down and the way back — compared to flying, the simplicity and convenience of traveling by Amtrak is almost a luxury. Our client visit went well, and I managed to find some time to meet up with some old friends, so in spite of actually dreading the long day, I had a pretty good time.

But the trip threw me for the whole week, especially with the punishing work schedule that I came back to. One of my deadlines last week involved getting the brand new, redesigned Behaviordesign.com up and running by Thursday afternoon. After lopping off a few features and never getting to build out some of the sections as elaborately as we would have liked, we made it, though just barely. It was a quiet launch because we hope to get it dressed up a bit more seriously before making an official announcement. We built some nifty features that I hope to write about in a post in the near future (some of those comments can be previewed here). In the meantime, if you want to see something mildly clever, have a look at what you get when you hit ‘Print’ on the home page.



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