Obama Said Knock You Out

Barack ObamaIt’s the end of a very long, long day at the office, and I haven’t even been home yet to catch John Edwards’ speech at the convention yet, but I’m sure it was just fine and not a little bit ‘sunny.’ Before I head home to bed though, I had to get up some belated thoughts about the keynote speech Barack Obama gave last night. I had read so much about the guy beforehand that I was intensely curious and not a little skeptical, but he really did live up to all that advance billing. What an amazing speech he gave; it really did feel like watching something very, very important unfolding. Of course, half of the appeal is that this man has a very short voting record, but the immense potential he displayed last night was staggering. I still feel a little in awe, over twenty-four hours later.



  1. I agree that Obama’s speech was pretty amazing and he’s a very engaging figure, but it really just proves the point that the thing that counts the most is how good a speaker you are and how attractive you are. That’s about it.

    Republicans LOVE Dick Cheney, but isn’t it strange that never ever once, have you heard about him potentially running for president?
    He’s fat and bald, that’s why.

  2. Oh, sorry to rant, but I’ve got more.
    There will NEVER be an African-American president. I used to think, oh yeah, it will happen in ten or twenty years. But as long as there’s an overwhelming white majority in the country there will be a white (man) president. I’m starting to think that elections should be race based. The goverment should reflect the population and not just the majority. There would be 14 black senators, 16 hispanics, 8 asians, etc., based on their percentage of populations. Of the 14 black senators half would be men and half women, etc.
    Of course, how this would all work, I don’t know.

    Just something to think about.

  3. Okay, I’m going to assume you’re just kind of thinking out loud there (so to speak) because what you’re describing is basically ethnic tribes led by warlords! Or maybe it’s me taking it too seriously now.

    Anyway, I definitely agree that Obama’s speech was a triumph of personality and not of substance. A few days later, I’m coming to that realization now with a bit more clarity. The Gapers’ Block link Naz posted above is actually a very effective grain of salt to take with one’s Obama Kool Aid. Or something. Now I’m thinking out loud.

    Finally, I’m deeply disappointed that nobody found my title for this post clever enough to mention. That’s some of my best work!

  4. Mark, with that kind of craptastic attitude you’re right we’ll never have anything but whitey in power. Cowboy up man!

    Khoi, as soon as I saw the title the song immediately popped in my head. I wish LL would get back to rap and show the jokers how its done.

  5. “Finally, I’m deeply disappointed that nobody found my title for this post clever enough to mention. That’s some of my best work!”

    I dig it. The Red Streak or Red Eye, a dumbed down version of the Tribune and Sun-Times, I forget really, which is which, had the cover story (oooh, this is a killer)….”Barack and Roll!”.

    Oh no they didn’t.

    Oh yes they did.

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