New Work from Work

I’m still looking for that balance between feeling like I’ve accomplished a good day’s work at the office and feeling calm, relaxed and rested. I can’t seem to get there, but they say journey and reward are one and the same. Along the way, we’ve been pretty busy over at Behavior, and while my own head has been down and focusing on my own projects and challenges, I’ve been negligent about posting about some of the other stuff we’ve been doing.

Change Order

First off is a huge presentation that we whipped up in record time for Sean Combs’ Citizen Change voter registration initiative. Not the Web site, that was done by other hands, but rather the extensive Flash slideshow that was projected huge behind P. Diddy when he made his announcement. I happened to be on vacation when all the heavy lifting was done, so I missed out on getting to meet the man, but the work is really an accomplishment. Hopefully, we’ll get a full version in our portfolio and online soon.

Grab a Six-Peak

You might think the brush with celebrity would go to our heads, but we’re still working diligently to produce great design for the clients who have been loyal to us when we were regularly turned away at the velvet rope. Just yesterday, we launched a nice, simple Web site for a company that engages in incredibly complex forms of option trading: PEAK6. Personally, it took a lot of brain power for me to get my head around their business model, which combines incredibly smart people and clever technology to make markets in the intangible world of equity options. Got that?