Flirtations with Fame

Two minor flirtations with fame today, one for me and one for my four-legged companion.

First, the prolific Mike Rundle has posted an interview with me at Business Logs, in which you can learn more about my secret origins, recent Web standards stirrings at Behavior and the future of weblogs as we know them (caveat emptor). Combined with a dollar bill, the answers I give to Mike’s questions may not get you more than a cup of coffee, but it’s still worth poking around the Business Logs Web site, where they’re trying to use weblogs to bring real business benefits to the organizations that are forward-thinking enough to capitalize on this still-evolving medium.Second, Mister President had a gig in a television commercial for ESPN today — his first! This is the result of a totally random encounter with a scout for the commercial production house Smuggler while on our way to the dog run yesterday. The scout stopped us casually and asked if I’d be open to having Mister President appear in a television commercial for US$100 cash. I said, “Sure.” I had to work today, but luckily Joy had the day off, and they chauffeured the two of them to Bayonne, NJ where they shot the spot this afternoon.

Joy says that the pooch did very well and that the crew was very impressed, which, to me, is the least to be expected since all they asked him to do was lay still for ten minutes — three levels of obedience courses should guarantee at least that! Unfortunately, there’s a chance that the footage won’t get used, because the child actor that he appeared with was, apparently, not up to snuff. So they may kill the whole shot, sorrowfully extinguishing Mister President’s very first starring role. Oh well. All things considered, it’s kind of a kick to know that he has at least a little bit of earning potential now.



  1. That’s a great interview Khoi — good questions illicit good answers. Out of interest (this may be a trade secret…) was the interview conducted by phone/face-to-face, or by email?

  2. Hi Virginia, maybe I can step up and answer that 🙂

    The interview was conducted via email, mainly because we both have insanely busy schedules, and email (at least for techies & web workers) seems to be the easiest way to get things done.

    I emailed him a question or two at a time, and then slightly adjusted my next questions to go along with his answers. Nothin’ all that fancy 🙂

  3. Yes, we did the interview via email. I should say that Mike was incredibly patient as I took weeks between answers. Once I got them all in, though, he promptly published them, which made me feel even badder about taking so long to respond!

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