Grant Me the Serenity

Two things, which are completely out of my control, have me in a foul mood this evening, and I wonder half-jokingly if they’re somehow linked. If you were the sort to gloat, you might say that they’re exactly the kind of things that an East Coast liberal should be rightly suffering over. There’s lots of things I could say in response to that, but I’ll just say that that’s what makes this country great, right?

The Son Also Rises

Seal of the President of the United StatesSecond, I’m bitterly frustrated over the apparent boost that George W. Bush is seeing in the polls this week. The president is apparently reaping the benefits of the disproportionate media attention paid to the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. (I take a little solace in the fact that Chris Fahey has poked even more holes in their story.) These dirty politics make me sick to my stomach.

For the first time since June, polling data appears to indicate that Bush will have the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the election in November. This upsurge flabbergasts me, because a clear majority of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction — yet the same public looks ready to ask Bush to drive us all right off the cliff. Ezra Klein, as a guest blogger at Political Animal, wrote a great post today about the looming danger. Anyway, I’m trying to come to grips with the idea that Bush may just win in November, and with the long-term damage such an event will rend on the health of our democracy&#8230 if it comes to pass, I’ll be too depressed to get out of bed on 03 Nov.



  1. I hear you. What surprises me , okay not really, is that none of the mass media is making much of the fact that the SBVT claims have been debunked and found to be backed by Bush supporters. Nor have they run the comment from former Texas Lt Gov. Ben Barnes who said he is “…very ashmaed.” for getting Bush in the National Guard. Sad.

  2. From Santa Cruz, arguably the nation’s most liberal town, it’s very hard for me to get a realistic view of the political picture in the U.S. I have to travel elsewhere to meet Bush supporters.

    A recent roadtrip, though, shoved an uncomfortable reality in my face: there are a lot of Bush supporters out there, and unless they literally lose the farm in the next few months, nothing is going to change their mind.

    The trick is to get the Democratic vote to the polls. Republicans are very good at this; it’s like going to church for them.

  3. Kevin, like you, I’m also surprised and angry that Ben Barnes’ comments have had so little play in the media. Narayan, you’re right about putting an emphasis on voter turnout. I’ve been thinking all day about moving to Ohio, a swing state where a vote for Kerry would really mean something. Seriously.

  4. I’ve been spending the past few weeks adjusting to that possibility that we may have four more years with W. But what really frightened me was an article in the LA Times today that looked ahead to 2008 and suggested that Jeb may be next.

  5. Unfortunately for Kerry, he angered many of his fellow Vietnam vets with his conduct upon his return home — specifically with his Senate testimony in which he testified to war crimes committed by American Soldiers on a “day-to-day basis”.

    Kerry’s testimony and conduct significantly helped create the hostile climate leading to the disgusting treatment Vietnam vets endured upon their arrival back home. It’s no wonder some of those vets are angry now that Kerry is trumpeting his Vietnam war record in an attempt to win the Presidency.

  6. Even if what you say is plausible — I’m not saying it is — it doesn’t excuse their litany of half-truths and lies. Those Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are flatly untrustworthy.

  7. Being an Baltimore Orioles and San Francisco Giants fan, it’s difficult for me to muster up much sympathy for the poor performance issues of those underpaid Yankees. In both politics and baseball, unfortunately one side has to loose. Keep your chins up folks….At least we have the luxury of fretting over such trival matters like baseball vs having to worry about if we will have food to eat or we will live another day with out getting taken out by a suicide bomber.

    All in all, I guess it’s tough to be a liberal and Yankee fan in NYC this week. Peace out brother Khoi, things will get better! There’s always another season for all things in life. :.)

  8. Actually, Raphy, polls taken at the time showed that more Vietnam veterans were happy with their treatment when they got home than WWII veterans were.

    Also, despite the urban legends to the contrary, there is only one documented incident of a Vietnam Veteran being spat on. And guess who it was? Ron Kovic (of “Born on the Fourth of July” fame, being spat on by pro-war Nixon supporters.

    You know what the number one most damaging thing ever done for Vietnam veterans was? The movie “First Blood”. I think more Americans formed their opinion on Vietnam veterans based on what John Rambo did in that fictional movie than on anything John Kerry ever said. I ain’t kidding when I say that, either.


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