Stress Testing

Presidential DebateIt’s a really, really stressful night to watch television if you follow either the Major League Baseball postseason — both leagues are in the first two games of their championship series tonight — or the race for the White House — Bush and Kerry are in the midst of their third and last debate. I keep going back and forth between these the debate and the Yankees/Red Sox game, and it’s like maddening. I can’t look away though. Anyway, as a friend of mine joked yesterday, “I hope the Yankees beat George Bush.”



  1. I don’t think the debate in itself was as drab as the first one; Kerry and Bush seemed to have a solid go at each other in every round. Good stuff!

    And in my country, we don’t see Baseball 😉 It’s Cricket all the way!

  2. That’s OK, I listened to the debate on the radio (Bush was annoying me so much to watch) and watched the WVU/UConn game on ESPN.

  3. I listened to part of the debate on the radio as well, and found it a very interesting experience. I got a very different impression of both candidates when all I got was their voices.

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