Lost: 5,000 Songs

iPodWhat an exhausting week I had last week; I was burning the candle at both ends trying to get some work out the door, and it completely drained me by Friday night. In fact, when I was taking a cab home late that evening, I was even too tired to notice that my iPod had quietly fallen out of my jacket pocket, and now it’s lost to me forever. There’s a tiny candle of hope that I hold out for finding it, somehow, through the good graces of Mayor Bloomberg’s 311 information line, which, in theory, is working overtime to help me make a connection with the cab driver (luckily I got a receipt) through the city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission. The emphasis there is on tiny. I mean, would you try to find the owner of an iPod you found in a taxi cab?

The whole episode pains me to even think about it. I really don’t want to pay another few hundred dollars for what I still consider to be a grossly over-priced product, but I’ve become so attached to the thing, it seems untenable to consider doing without one. That’s a sign of a captive consumer, right? Anyhow, the iPod I lost was a 20 gigabyte, second-generation model from 2002 — so it kind of irks me too that, though the newer versions are slimmer and feature larger hard drives, they have basically the same feature set as mine, with few improvements. At least, not enough improvements to justify spending another large chunk of change on one when, just last week, I still had a perfectly good iPod in my possession. Feel me?



  1. Ahh damn man, that really sucks. At least all your music is not gone though, but safely sitting in iTunes. My roommate “accidentally reformatted” his iPod and deleted all music from his iTunes music library somehow a month ago, so I guess it could be worse.

  2. My brother had his iPod stolen from his bag, which was at the time sitting UNDER HIS CHAIR. I’m actually stunned that I haven’t managed to break or lose my iPod yet, particularly considering it’s travelled with me to over ten countries… but with the rumoured arrival of iTunes Music Store in Australia tomorrow, I suspect that I’ll need a more capacious model to store the portion of my income I’ve sensibly invested in attractive arrangements of zeros and ones. (Sorry, that was ridiculously overblown.)

  3. Yes, it’s some consolation that iTunes has all my music stored there. What worries me more are all the documents I had stored on the iPod’s hard disk. What a headache.

  4. Hang in there. Rumors are flying that Apple will soon release a new iPod… 60GB with a color screen – will do photos for sure and possibly video as well.

  5. Sorry to hear about your iPod Khoi. I’m hoping that I turn on the WB and find you in the spotlight of their latest human interest story — “cabbie finds iPod and returns it to owner”. Seems like it happens all the time for people that play instruments.

    My fingers are crossed.

  6. Yep! The new iPodPhoto was introduced today! Sweet! Totally overpriced, but I so want one. Are you going for the color screen this round?

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