Snap Happy

Nikon D70Thanks to an unnecessarily complicated income tax situation, I was only able to receive — and spend — my 2003 refund recently. Feeling a little despondent after last week’s big Democratic loss in the election, I took a WTF the attitude and splurged on a Nikon D70 digital SLR camera. It arrived today, and I just spent the last two hours figuring it out; there are a million things to learn about it, but at this point I’m totally thrilled. Following, the first decent picture I took with it.

First Decent Photo from Nikon D70

It’s a shot of my dog.



  1. Gorgeous. What a face. I’ll be interested to hear your ongoing thoughts about the D70 – I’ve come close to buying it a couple of times myself, and only the credit card limit is holding me back…

  2. Virginia – you need a bigger credit card limit. 😉

    As for the D70 (and Khoi already knows how much I am enamoured with this camera) – I love the damn thing.

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