Headin’ Down South by Southwest

SXSWRather than my customary modus operandi of burying myself in work and letting opportunities to meet living and breathing people out in the real world pass me by, I’ve decided to head on over to Austin, TX for this year’s South by Southwest Festival. I just booked my tickets yesterday, and I’ll be there basically from late on Fri 11 Mar through that Sun 13 Mar. As I mentioned last week, Behavior was fortunate enough to have two of our entries tapped as finalists in this competition, so there is at least some incentive for me to show up, though in all honesty that’s just an excuse to go see all the hot shot speakers slated to appear. Also, I’m hoping to meet at least a few people with whom I’ve been corresponding over email or through blog comments — this means you! If you’re going to SXSW yourself, please drop me a line so that I may humbly put a name to a face. I can’t wait!



  1. Hey man, the B-Logs team and I will be there partying for about 6 days, my cellphone number is in the signature of emails I’ve sent you so hit me up sometime while you’re there!

  2. Shit, am I the only one who’s coming in that late in the week? And am I going to miss out on all the fun? Things are too crazy at the office for me to get there any earlier than Friday, so save some partying for the when I get there!

  3. Don’t worry, the “week” starts around the 11th; probably people are staying after the Interactive part for the Film or Music stuff. There’s nothing going on here before the 11th.

  4. I’ll be there. Make sure to look me up (and I’ll be on the lookout for you as well)– I’d like to thank you personally for your design inspiration. I get in mid-day Saturday and will be there through the end of the festival.

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